13 April 2017: Egg Coloring

16 March 2017: Polygons

9 March 2017: Shadowy Similar Triangles

How tall is the tall, tall tree?
Let's use our shadows to measure its shadow!

Opps...it goes across the street. We'll have to try again closer to noon.

2 March 2017: Viral Fishy Stories

(Inspired by Tiddler: The Story-Telling Fish)

How long does it take for a story to spread across the ocean? What if everyone tells the story to just one person? What if everyone tells the story to two new people? (We don’t have enough fish, but enough stuffies to get through 6 stages!)

(No pictures of actual math for this one, but lots of jumping in luggage!)

23 February 2017: Crazy Calendars

Calendars are puzzles - the last day of this month, first with the first day of the next month. There are different shapes of months because the number of days is either 30 or 31, and February is really odd.

Lucky for us, everyone’s birthday is between today and the end of June!
(Charlotte and Dorina are fighting over the June 29 square.)

Calendars (Excel spreadsheets, to print, use landscape mode and scale-to-fit): 31-day months, 30-day months

3 December 2016: Hamiltonian Cycles!

Find a path that starts from the castle and visits each character once, but cannot use any road more than once.


24 September 2016: Ruling Rulers

28 August 2016: Trying Triangles

Can you make a triangle with any three sticks? Also, tracing the angles of any triangle to see they make a line!

21 August 2016: Circles and Ellipses

Drawing circles and ellipses with a string around thumbtacks on a board.

24 July 2016: Water Ballistics

What angle of water shoots the furthest? Who can get Daddy the wettest?

17 July 2016: Shadow Monsters

Inspired by The Gruffalo’s Child, we saw who could make the biggest shadows.

9 April 2016: Double Dice Probabilities

26 March 2016: Fibonacci Bunnies!

Can’t have an Easter weekend meeting without lots of bunnies!

Baby Bunny ⇒ Mommy Bunny
Mommy Bunny ⇒ Mommy Bunny and Baby Bunny

19 March 2016: Set Theory: Unicorns, Pegasi, and Alicorns

5 March 2016: Transitivity!

Balancing is transitive!

A = B and B = C means A = C

27 February 2016: Commutativity!

Mixing water colors is commutative! This means we end up with the same color when we mix the same colors, regardless of the order in which they are mixed. Mostly, though, we eventually end up with a murky, greenish-purple color after enough colors are combined.

Red + Blue = Purple = Blue + Red